Massage Therapy Public Health Measures

June 10, 2020

After nearly four months of closure due to COVID-19, I am pleased to announce I will be reopening my Parkdale home massage studio on Sunday, July 5.

Ten dollars from every massage in July will go to the Black Business and Professional Association.

Thee is no way of eliminating the risk of contracting COVID-19 during your massage. I am committed to doing everything I can to mitigate that risk, but I’m going to need your help.

On top of my already-strict sanitation protocols, here are some additional measures I will be implementing to keep you safe:

• 3 mandatory pre-appointment COVID-19 screenings:
1) When you book your appointment online
2) With your automated 48-hour email reminder
3) In person when you arrive for your appointment

• Masks must be worn by both you and myself during your treatment:
• I will wear a clean, disposable medical mask during all treatments.
• I ask that you bring a clean, reusable or disposable mask to your appointment. If you do not have a mask, I will provide one for you. If you’re unable to wear a mask during your treatment, I unfortunately cannot treat you at this time.

• You will be asked to wash your hands upon entrance into my home

• Increased time between appointments for additional cleaning

• Frequent disinfection of high-contact surfaces (ex. door handles, light switches, debit/credit machine) using a disinfectant approved by Health Canada

• Opening the window in the massage room (weather-permitting)

• Hand sanitizer available at my home entrance and inside the massage room

• Paper towel provided as an option in the washroom

• Vinyl pillow protectors and shoulder bolsters lovingly made by my mom

• I’ve downloaded the COVID Alert notification app and will get tested if I receive an alert

• I will get the vaccine as soon as I’m eligible (Update: I’ve had three shots as of November 26, 2021!)

• I have a rapid testing kit and I test myself regularly

• I will be doing more laundry in a week than most people do in a lifetime

Together, we can keep my Parkdale home massage studio clean and safe so you can enjoy your treatment with peace of mind. Will it be awkward and uncomfortable? A little at first, probably. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


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