Meet The Cats!

Marla Singer (left) and Dave Grohl (right)

When you visit my Parkdale Home Massage Studio, you will be greeted by two friendly cats before and after your appointment. By far the highlight of their day is when new people give them attention. Get to know them better below.

Photo: Faery Lepidoptera

Name: Dave Grohl
Nicknames: Davey, Booboo, My Beloved Chonkers, David Eric Grohl (when he’s in trouble)
Age: 14
Rescued from: The Humane Society
Likes: Q-tips, lap snuggles, the milk that’s left in the bowl after I eat cereal
Dislikes: parties, vacuums, rules

Photo: Teri G

Name: Marla Singer
Nicknames: Mama, Marls, My Little Squawk Box
Age: 12
Rescued from: The Galleria Shopping Centre
Likes: all people, heating vents, the great outdoors
Dislikes: Da Bird cat toy, not being allowed outside, her brother (sometimes)

Not a fan of cats? Don’t worry; they’re never allowed in my massage room. Want to meet them in person? Book online today.

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