Swedish Massage

The most widely recognized and commonly used style of massage, this is manual manipulation of the body using skin-to-skin contact and oil.

Prenatal Massage

I provide both pre and postnatal massage through all stages of your pregnancy, including abdominal and breast massage for the pregnant or nursing parent.


From Japan, this oil-free technique involves a series of slow compressions applied over clothing to specific pressure points on the body.

Thai Massage

Coming soon!

Breast Massage

Gentle massage to breast tissue can ease tenderness from bras, menstruation, and blocked milk ducts.


I accept payment by cash, debit, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. I don't accept tips.

$5 from every massage goes to charity.

Fees are subject to 13% HST.

Your appointment time includes a brief chat before we get started. Want more hands-on time? I recommend booking 90 minutes!

Until August 31, 2021: 
 45 minutes    $105
 60 minutes    $115
 90 minutes    $145 *most popular*
120 minutes    $185

Effective September 1, 2021: 
 60 minutes    $149
 90 minutes    $179
120 minutes    $229

Education & Associations


Gift Certificates

Get her a gift she really wants.

 60 minutes - $129.95 ($115 + HST)
 90 minutes - $163.85 ($145 + HST)
120 minutes - $209.05 ($185 + HST)

No expiry.

Insurance receipts will not be provided for gift certificate purchases or redemptions. That would be insurance fraud, which isn't really my style.

First-time clients must identify as women (trans-friendly). Men are welcome by referral only.

Order gift certificates online here.